Sumatra Kokowagayo Organic Coffee

Kokowagayo women found that they weren’t being heard within an existing mixed-gender cooperative, so in 2014 they created the first all-women Sumatran co-op and used their fair trade premiums to fund leadership and financial training courses for members as well as build a community center over their wet mill. 

Wet Hulled

Sumatran coffee farmers have traditionally wet-hulled their beans after harvest to create an earthy, low acid and aromatic cup of coffee. This process produces an exceptional coffee that’s low acid and full-flavored.

Wet-hulling involves extracting fruit skins before sucking off an outer green bean layer by machine (wet-huller). This technique creates the wild, musty Sumatra flavor that many consumers adore in coffee.

In 2014, the women of Kokowagayo decided to break from their male-dominated cooperative and establish Cafe Femenino, Sumatra’s first all female co-op. This gave them greater power in making decisions regarding Fair Trade premium allocation in their community; providing leadership and financial training programs; allocating capital for entrepreneurial efforts by women entrepreneurs; as well as creating an atmosphere in which women could share ideas and have their voices heard freely. Their aim was to alter gender dynamics throughout their community – women hold positions such as chairwoman treasurer, chair supervisor as well as four coffee collectors plus eight delegate positions within Cafe Femenino.


Rich and silky in taste, our Certified Organic and Fair Trade Ampersand Coffee Roasters offers sweet notes with subtle spice for an unparalleled cup. We roast this small batch to medium dark state to achieve a clean taste free from bitterness. In order to give back to its farmers who grow this incredible Sumatran product we buy directly from their cooperative so we can maintain quality control, improve communication between farms, as well as offer fair pricing within their community.

KOKOWAGAYO Coffee Co-operative in Sumatra’s Gayo Highlands made headlines when, in 2014, their women began segregating their coffee from that farmed by men, becoming the first women-only co-operative in their country. Since then, its increasing Fair Trade premiums have been used to fund female entrepreneurs; provide leadership and financial management training; and initiate postharvest food assistance programs.

Kokowagayo Cooperative members include both land owners and women (its name translates to “woman owned cooperative”). Women manage all farming and business practices for their co-op as well as holding various leadership roles such as chairwoman/business manager/treasurer/two member supervisors/four coffee collectors/eight delegates.

Fair Trade

Fair trade is an international movement to foster equitable trading partnerships that benefit producers and consumers. When you purchase products with the Fair Trade Certified logo (such as coffee), you are supporting a sustainable economic model which sets minimum prices for farmers, facilitates transparent communication between distributors and growers, and invests in community development through investments in education, healthcare, etc.

Kokowagayo Coffee Cooperative on Sumatra Island was established by women who felt their voices weren’t being heard in a mixed-gender cooperative, in 2014. After realizing their voices weren’t being heard at an existing cooperative, the members created Kokowagayo as the first women-only cooperative and started investing their Fair Trade premiums directly back into communities and empower women across Indonesia through Cafe Femenino Sumatra program – this has resulted in leadership training, business support services, financial help for technical services as well as creating space where women can meet and exchange ideas! Their work is truly inspirational!

Medium Roast

In 2014, women from Permata Gayo coffee farm in Sumatra’s Gayo Highlands began segregating their coffee from that produced by men and forming KOKOWAGAYO as the first women-only cooperative. Since then, they have employed their farming skills towards female empowerment while reaping more benefits of Fair Trade.

Sumatran coffees are usually wet hulled to reduce acidity and increase body, giving these beans less acidity and greater depth of flavor. With an emphasis on chocolate-sweet flavors that often include earthy undertones such as tobacco or licorice, Sumatran coffees tend to be richer and bolder than their counterparts from other regions around the globe.

Kokowagayo farmers use the Fair Trade premiums they receive from Fair Trade coffee to invest in agricultural tools, implement post-harvest food assistance programs and set aside capital for women entrepreneurs. In addition, Cafe Femenino Foundation (a non-profit established alongside their coffee supply chain/framework) provides leadership and financial management training courses for Kokowagayo members.

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